Client Testimonials


 I  got in contact with Colette concerning my 13 year old son, who was diagnosed with Idiopathic drug resistant Epilepsy when he was 7 years old. We had tried many natural treatments  in conjuntion with his medication but nothing seemed to work for him and he continued to have seizures. Colette really helped my son by treating him, rather than the condition he was suffering from. The result has been very positive as he is now 14 months totally seizure free. One of the many things my son likes about Colette is she always listens to him as an individual. We found the whole experience with Colette very rewarding. I would highly recommend Colette and her homeopathic treatment.        Valerie

The first thing that struck me on first meeting Colette Cotter was her vibrant love of people, unquestionable integrity and stunning generousity of spirit. I arrived on Colette's doorstep with my physical symptoms (fybromyalgia).Her warm, calm, clear demenour has made my experience of homeopathy a painless and supportive process. Her unique insight and keen listening skills allow Colette to see the thread of disease that runs through each individual's story in a way which simply doesn't happen with the orthodox medical professional. I can't recommend Colette Cotter highly enough as a Homeopathic Practitioner. It is truly a joy to know her.

Nuala Macklin, Journalist.


I suffered from IBS, bloating and tummy aches when I decided to pay a visit to a homeopath. I found Collete via Irish Society of Homeopaths. First Collette helped me to understand which areas in my life are responsible for my health issues. Then we worked through them until my health and wellbeing improved. I gained lots of information and knowledge about how to flourish in life through my sessions with Collette. I became much happier and healthier person.
Thank you Collete! Highly recommended. Aige.

 My sinus problem started after renovating an old building which was full of poisoned dead rats. My nose and throat were full of green mucous which left me with a terrible taste in my mouth. I constantly had to blow my nose and was continuously coughing up phlegm to clear my head. On a recent flight, I thought my head would burst with the pressure I felt in it. My sister suggested I see a homeopath for it. After my first visit I could feel an improvement, my headaches were gone, I no longer had a terrible taste in my mouth and my nose congestion had eased considerably. I continued to see Colette and receive treatment. I now no longer have these symptoms.      Bill